Chiran Hewawitharana

An enthusiastic, hardworking, self-motivated young individual, passionate in learning and developing innovative programs and having good experience in teamwork, looking forward to work in a responsible and challenging environment while making use of new technologies and innovative ideas toward success.

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Professional Experience

Trainee Associate Software Engineer at Zone24x7 Inc.

I was fortunate to join Zone24x7 Inc , as a Trainee Associate Software Engineer in Big Data and Data Science Engineering. There I got the opportunity to learn and contribute to the data science and data engineering projects driven by Zone24x7 Analytics Center(TM).
Zone24x7 Analytics Center(TM) data platform is a fully-fledged insight brokering platform that helps businesses harness the full potential of their enterprise digital assets. It is also a cloud-agnostic platform that consists of three powerful modules, Data Engineering; Insight Generation, and Data Visualization.

Technology Stack:
Python, Java, Scala, Apache Spark, Spark MLlib, Apache Hbase, Apache Hive, Apache Airflow, SQL, AWS, Azure, ELK Stack

August 2020 - Present

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

The Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors is a worldwide recognizable program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The MSP program enhances students' employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

I became MLSA (Beta) for the second consecutive time for term of 2020-2021, and happily contributing as a University Ambassador, enhancing the skills and competencies, of fellow undergraduates and tech enthusiasts through the Microsoft Students' Club at University of Kelaniya.

January 2020 - Present

Co-founder at Accseedd

AccSeedd is an innovative Information Technology based startup, consist of an innovative group of individuals, working together for corporate clients, with unique solutions to aid the business requirements of clients.

As one of the co-founders and the Chief Technology Officer, I’m responsible for handling technology operations, full-stack mobile and web development, and DevOps.
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May 2019 - Present

Chief Coordinator - hackX 2019

I got the privilege to be the Chief coordinator of the hackX 2019, Inter-University Startup Challenge which was organized by the Industrial Management Science Students' Association,known as the most awaited inter-university hackathon among Sri Lankan undergraduates, which brings young innovative minds to come up with technology-based solutions for prevailing problems.

Credits goes to all the Industrial Partners including ISM APAC, London Stock Exchange Group, Zone24x7 Inc, Sysco Lab,Ideamart and Pulse, respected panel of Lecturers of the Department of Industrial Management and the fellow MITians for making the hackX possible.
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September 2019

Recovery Officer at Singer Sri Lanka

Started my career as a Sales-Executive at Singer Sri Lanka, Matara branch in 2016. And I promoted to the Senior Branch Recovery Officer in 2017.
I was awarded as the Best Branch Assistant at Singer - Sisil Galle District Assitant Day 2017, which was held at Embilipitiya, Sri Lanka.

August 2015 - March 2016


Feb 2018 - Feb 2022
B.Sc.(hons) in Management and Information Technology

Reading for B.Sc. (honours) in Management and Information Technology at University of Kelaniya - Specializing in Information Technology
First Class Honours
Current GPA: (3.90 out of 4.00)

Aug 2020 - Aug 2021
Micro-Masters in Statistics and Data Science

Reading for Statistics and Data Science Micro-Masters at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Level 1 : Machine Learning (from Linear Models to Deep Learning) : MIT 6.86x Completed

July 2020- September 2020
Professional Certificate in Machine Learning

Issued by Stanford University, USA

August 2020
Professional Certificate: DeepLearning.AI TensorFlow Developer

Issued by

Nov 2019- Apr 2019
Diploma in Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Image processing

At Academy of Innovative Education Sri Lanka

Sept 2017 - Jan 2018
Diploma in Java

At ESOFT Metro Campus, Galle

October 2017
Diploma in English Language

At British Way English Academy, Matara

Aug 2016
G.C.E. Advanced Level Examination

Rahula College, Matara

Physical Science
(Information Technology, Combined Matematics and Physics)

Project Portfolio

More Info
Angular2 Node JS Express MongoDB Chart.js

Evenza" Smart Event Management Platform is an online event management and resourcing platform that serves the functionality of an event manager as well as providing access to event-related resources by connecting relevant ...

More Info
React JS Context API React Hooks Firebase

Fully functional e-commerce web-store with real-time payments processing, user authentication, cart-add, and checkout features, build with React JS and using Firebase real-time database and Firebase cloud-functions as the backend ...

More Info
React JS Context API React Hooks Firebase

An absolute Slack clone, build with React JS including User authentication, Material UI for a Responsive Design, and Reach Context API(REDUX) with Firebase Authentication (Google Authentication), Firebase ...

More Info
React JS Redux React Hooks Firebase Cloud Functions

An exact Linkedin Clone developed using React JS, and Firebase as backend. Database and hosting developed and enabled with Firebase real-time database and cloud functions. This project frontend ...

More Info
Django Python Flask RabbitMQ ReactJs MySQL MongoDB

This project is developed with python Django and Flask micro services communicating through a RabbitMQ Event Bus. Frontend was bootstrapped with Create React App. This contains four services, built on ...

More Info
React JS Context API React Hooks

A Netflix Clone developed using React JS, consuming TMDB (The Movie database) Public API. Database and hosting developed and enabled with Firebase. This project was bootstrapped with ReactJs ...

More Info
HTML CSS JS Google Maps API PHP Bootstrap

BestDriver is an interactive web-based platform for instant and secure Tour and taxi booking mainly targeted at Foreigners traveling to Sri Lanka.The platform is able to provide real-time taxi and tour bookings ...

More Info
HTML CSS JS Bootstrap PHP and online retail web stores were developed in March 2020 where the whole country was locked-down due to the covid-19 pandemic. People were suffering from the ...

More Info

Majestic hotels, Interactive Web Front-end was deveoped using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and bootstrap for Styling for the web-based project submitted for the university. This application is capable of handling room reservations ...

More Info
HTML CSS JS Bootstrap DialogFlow

This interactive Single-page web application was developed as the Official Web Site for HackX 2019 Inter-University Startup Challenge organized by Department of Industrial Management at University of Kelaniya ...

More Info
Python OpenCV TensorFlow Keras Arduno

smartCop is a smart solution based on deep learning, to manage road traffic and prevent road-accidents in an innovative; automated way. The project was developed using ...

More Info
Python PyQt5 OpenCV TensorFlow Keras Firebase

CareGiver AI's face recognition was based on two approaches using face landmarks techniques; where a Machine Learning approach with K-Means clustering to classify faces considering the ...

More Info
Scala Spark Spark Ml

Recommendation systems can be defined as software applications that draw out and learn from data such as preferences, their actions (clicks, for example), browsing history ...

More Info
Python Tensorflow Keras NLTK Plotty

A project based on analysis and classification of news using an LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) - Recurrent Neural Network to Identify fake news over a text-based news stream ...

More Info
Python NLTK Pandas Plotty Streamlit

A project based on visualizing data of a sentiment analysis of tweets about US Airlines on an Interactive Streamlit Dashboards using Python. For the analysis it use classification ...

More Info
C# Crystal Reports MySQL

An Emplyee Management Stand-alone system was developed using C# and MySQL for a Garment Factory located at Kegalle. This project was developed in partnered with AccSeedd Solutions. The project was ...

More Info
Java Java Swing MySQL

An Educational Institue Management System was developed using Java, Swing and MySQL for the Sipyana Higher educational Institue in Matara submitted as the first-year development project to the university ...

More Info
React Native Expo CLI Redux Firebase

An Instagram clone developed with React Native on Expo CLI with support of Redux based State Management. Backend and database is handled using Firebase Realtime Database and Cloud Functions. Google Cloud Bucket storage is used for ...

More Info
Unity3D Android SDK C#

DdecoAR is an Augmented Reality supported mobile application that provides an e-commerce platform for interior designs and bath ware products with a realistic experience. Customers can view products in the real-world environment before purchase ...

More Info
Angular2 PWA MongoDB

The Progressive Web Application(PWA) developed for the Evenza - Smart Event Management and Resourcing Platform. Progressive Web Application generated with angular-PWA, It has the capability of managing a cache in local storage ...


Projects done


Happy clients


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Honours & Awards

Technical Skills

MEAN Stack (Angular2, NodeJs, Express, MongoDB)
Java SE, Spring Boot
SQL, Scala, Apache Spark, Hive, AirFlow
React JS (MERN Stack), React Native
Python, TensorFlow, Scikit Learn, OpenCV, NLTK, Django
ELK Stack (ElasticSearch, Logstash, Kibana)

Honours & Awards

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador

"Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors" is a worldwide recognizable program to sponsor students majoring in disciplines related to technology. The MLSA program enhances students' employability by offering training in skills not usually taught in academia, including knowledge of Microsoft technologies.

July 2020
IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka

Finalist at IEEE Innovation Nation Sri Lanka startup pre-accelerator organized by IEEE Sri Lankan Chapter.

Product: smartCop December 2019
Codefest AI Innovator 2019

Finalist at Codefest AI Innovator competition organized by Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology(SLITT)

Product: smartCop December 2019
Invention Convention for Engineering Smart Systems(InCo V)

Best Innovation award at "Invention Convention for Engineering Smart Systems for Industry" competition organized by Department of Industrial Management, University of Kelaniya.
Product: smartCop

September 2019
Mobitel Smart Sri Lanka 2019

Finalist at Mobitel Smart Sri Lanka 2019 hackathon organized by Sri Lanka Telecom Mobitel at Polonnaruwa Museum premises.

Product: Deco AR July 2019
Code4Good International Hackathon 2019

Finalist at Code4Good 2019 International hackathon held at Dialog Axiata Auditorium

Product: CSR Hunt March 2019
haXmas 2019

First Runners up at HaXmas 2019 inter-university hackathon organized by Informatics Institute of Technology(IIT)

Product: TravoVoyage January 2019
ihack 2018

Second Runners up at ihack 2018 inter-university hackathon organized by University of Colombo School of Computing.

Product: Deco AR October 2018
Selected to the Dean's List

Dean's List Awards are presented to the best-performing undergraduates of the Faculty of Science at the University of Kelaniya. I was honoured to get selected for the dean's award List for the academic year 2017/2018.

Clubs & Socities

May 2020- November 2020
ScholarX 2020 Mentee - Sustainable Education Foundation

ScholarX is an exclusive industrial mentorship program driven by the Sustainable Education Foundation, offered to a selected pool of University undergraduates who have performed with the best potential. I was privileged to get selected to this Industrial Mentorship and Career Development program representing University of Kelaniya.

Apr 2019 - Present
Editor-Microsoft Students' Club

Chief editor and the event coordinator at Microsoft Students' Club of University of Kelaniya.

January 2019 - January 2020
Co-Director in IT - Rotaract Club

Co-director in IT at Rotaract Club of University of Kelaniya.

December 2018 - December 2019
Member of AIESEC in Colombo North

An active member of AIESEC in Colombo North at University of Kelaniya.
Projects: Global Marketer 4.0(IGV)



Sripali, Sooriyawatta, Aththudawa, Matara, 81000
Sri Lanka


(+94) 71 972 5562
(+94) 70 315 3381